An hour session
baby only
baby wrapped the entire time
15+ digital images
in studio only


Collection I

2-3 hour session
2 wraps + outfit
parents + siblings + baby
35+ digital images
11 x 14 professionally framed print


Collection II

2 hour session
baby wrapped + one outfit
family + baby
25+ digital images
in studio or at home


"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

—Elizabeth Stone


When should I book our newborn session?

A.You can book as soon as you know you're expecting or even if the baby is a few days old! We are super flexible as long as you have daytime availability! But it definitely doesn't hurt to secure your session with me early!

Do I need to bring any outfits for the baby?

A.No, let me take care of that for you! I have outfits and wraps! So you only have to figure out outfits for the rest of the family and I can help with that as well! I have a client closet with a few dresses for mom as well as some dresses/outfits for the kids!

What do I need to do to get the baby ready?

A.Nothing really, babies are pretty unpredictable but if they are only a few days or weeks old then they are usually still pretty sleepy. If you are nursing you just need you or if you aren't exclusively nursing, just have formula on hand! You can plan to feed the baby right before you leave if you have a short drive or as soon as you get here! Newborn babies like to eat and sleep! I even have some diapers and wipes on hand if you need them! Oh, and if you are offering them a pacifier you could bring one along. I know it's still early and they might not really take to one yet but it could help with calming them!

Do you have any proper training on handling babies?

A.Yes, I have completed courses on newborn photography specifically and only pose babies in safe positions. Also when posing on any props, I ask parents to sit close to the baby to always make sure baby is safe if they would happen to startle.

What should we wear?

A.Light colors are usually nice! But bolder stuff could look awesome as well. I would just advise avoiding neons or anything with a large graphic or something that would draw attention away from your happy faces! Also, something you feel comfortable in too! When you feel good, you look good!

Where is the studio located?

A.My studio is an in-home studio in Mount Pleasant, PA. It is on the second level in our bonus room. It will be nice and cozy in there because babies like to be extra warm in their first few weeks of life!