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Hello again, I love that you are here reading more about my passion! I'm the owner and photographer at Simply Kacie Photography, LLC. I’m a full-time photographer, mom to my two year old daughter, Saidee, wife, fur mom, retired accountant, horse person, lover of clean houses and organized spaces. While photography allows me to explore my more creative, right brain, artistic side! Accountant (organized, left brain) me comes in handy too, of course, with the business part of things! My husband Jake, also an accountant, is my go-to second shooter for weddings! And he’s absolutely amazing at it!

After almost nine years in the photography industry, I am so happy to say I have found my true passion and DREAM career! I feel like it kind of goes without saying though. You know when you meet someone and you just know they LOVE what they do. That's definitely my vibe! And what I really LOVE is photographing PEOPLE. Whether it's a wedding day or your first family photo session, I am thrilled to be capturing these beautiful moments for you and your family! I want you to get that perfect mix of emotional, fun, playful, but not skipping on that picture perfect 'everyone looking at the camera' photo for the wall at grandma's house! If you are like, yes, yes, that's what I need! Let's chat! I would love to hear from you! And if it's midnight, don't hesitate to contact me, this night owl will be up!

xoxo -Kacie
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